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Discover what fonzer can do for you

Expand your product portfolio and make your clients happy with our easily manageable phone system.

Plug & call

Connect your customers with ease

Fonzer is packed with innovative features that help you to bring your client the telephony solution that fits like a glove. 
Thanks to our user friendly interface you can have them up and running in no time, while we take care of the platform. 


Supercharge your business

As trusted partner you perfectly understand your client’s IT requirements: infrastructure, services, software, hardware, etc.

From IT to ICT

The strength of the Fonzer team is to support you with advice and assistance in understanding your client's telephony needs, translate them into an interesting proposal and then turn it into his 'most lovable' business phone system. Whether it is a complex calling plan, a tree structure or queue or even a trailblazing platform for client interaction, we are ready for all your questions and challenges!

Plug & play


SIP devices and Fonzer go hand in hand. Ordered hardware can be pre-provisioned on the Fonzer platform making an on-site configuration obsolete. This enables you to dropship the devices to the client, which can be a real time saver.
The end user only needs to plug in the device to access all pre-configured functionalities.

Multi-tenant architecture

Separate environments in one platform

Thanks to the multitenant architecture, our partners can manage all their clients and end-users using just one single cloud communications platform. Each tier comes with its own security measures and real-time rating engine.
Multi-tenant architecture


Administration & reporting

On you can easily browse the call detail records (CDR), dive into queue statistics or consult your invoices. Create an API integration with your CRM/ERP and follow up on all communication with Fonzer.

As Fonzer Partner, on top of this, you get access to your own client portfolio with a 360° client view such as the contacts, users, products, call costs, quotations, invoices, the porting status and the configuration of the Fonzie company phone book.



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