Probably the most lovable business phone system

Say hello to fonzer

Fonzer is your cutting edge 'unified cloud communications' platform with powerful capabilities to integrate, thanks to our API. But what makes Fonzer ‘the most lovable’ business phone system is its user-friendliness, letting you build your business telephony without compromise.

Intuitive design

Optimize communications with just a few clicks


All modules and applications are designed with the user in mind, making Fonzer not only beautiful but also very user-friendly. Our intuitive interface gives you full control over your PBX, devices and extensions.

Drag & drop

Managing call routes has never been easier: just drag & drop the desired components into the dial plan.


The right fit

Built for companies of any size

You have one device, a few, a hundred or even more? Let’s go! Fonzer has the capacity to scale to any size you want, from a one-man show to a large enterprise.

Centralise your telephony environment and simplify its management. That way, you keep the costs under control while benefiting from high quality and professional service tailored to your needs.
You assign existing and new numbers and decide for yourself how calls will be received to each of these numbers both inside and outside opening hours. Directly to a call group, via a choice menu and/or a queue, at an exceptional moment all calls will be forwarded to a mobile or other number…

Your monthly subscription will always follow your actual usage.

It's your choice

Communicate with any device at any moment

Desk phone

Desk phone

Simply plug in your desk phone on the internet at any location and the full communication suite will be at your disposal.

Dect phone

Dect phone

Increase your mobility. Just connect your base station to the Internet at any location and the full communication suite is yours to use with portable devices.

Smartphone app

Smartphone App

With Qaller and Qaller Plus your iOS or Android smartphone becomes an integrated part of your business phone system, even without having to change your mobile operator. With Qaller Plus you can receive and make calls with your fixed office number of choice and forward or transfer calls when needed.



With Web Calls you can make or receive calls through your browser. Combine this with a headset and you have a full-blown phone application.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Fonzer connects seamlessly with MS Teams. You can easily make phone calls, video calls and share files using any device: computer, smartphone or tablet.

Fonzie APP

Fonzie enables you to click on any phone link on your computer. Making a call is just one click away. You can check the status of your colleagues and redial contacts from your call history.
Fonzie manages your company phonebook and integrates seamlessly with Office 365 and Google. You can even add your own contacts and addresses in your private Fonzie space.
On top of that, Fonzie can be an all-round softphone with extra features!

For Your ears only

Advanced fraud protection and data security

Ensuring safe communication is business critical however also costly and complex. That’s why Fonzer contains a multitude of built-in features that mitigate security risks, from intelligent and self-learning intrusion detection algorithms to phone call and data encryption.

Your ears only


Distributed and geo-redundant infrastructure

Fonzer has got your back whenever you pick up the phone thanks to our highly distributed and geo-redundant infrastructure, spread across multiple data centres throughout Europe.

These interconnected data centres function as one. However, in case of an incident, telephony services continue uninterrupted while an affected location is immediately isolated.


Administration & reporting

On you can easily browse the call detail records (CDR), dive into queue statistics or consult your invoices. Create an API integration with your CRM/ERP and follow up on all communication with Fonzer.


You want to know more about what Fonzer can do for you? Feel free to contact us at +32 2 580 50 50 or hit the GET IN TOUCH button.